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Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

(a non-profit organization since 1970)

Join our community of students, professional native-language Italian teachers, volunteers, contributors, and business community sponsors.Enhance your appreciation of the rich culture and beautiful language of Italy, in a friendly atmosphere that complements your busy life of work, friends, and family. 

Our service to the San Francisco Bay Area: 
  • Italian language classes for adults and children  
  • Italian culture presentations in the English language  
  • A living community of Italian values and lifestyle  
  • Listings of Italian cultural organizations  
  • Resources for the continuing study of the Italian language 
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What Our Students Are Saying

When the time come for me to pursue my goal of learning a second language, I was well into my senior years. Italian was an easy choice, given that my wife is Italian-American and we have traveled to Italy many times. La Scola di Italiana e Cultura is a perfect fit for me. The teachers are native speakers. The pace of instruction accommodates my need for more time to learn vocabulary or complex grammar structures. When I finally had the confidence to telephone my Italian-speaking friend in Milano, he told his wife, I could understand every word he said! 

Thank you La Scuola di Italiana e Cultura.

Irv Rollins

What characteristics are important to me in selecting a school for my Italian studies? Because my goal in learning the language is to enrich my life by developing a greater affinity for my heritage through its language, I want a school that is fun, low pressure, with teachers who are Italian natives and friendly classmates who share my passion for la lingua bella.   La Scuola offers me all this with an additional benefit I cannot take for granted: stress-free parking .

Over the years I have studied with Stefania and former staff instructors Barbara and Antonella. Each professoressa was meravigliosa and fueled my passion for learning Italian. How I look forward to Saturday mornings when I can immerse myself in the language of my grandparents while surrounded by kindred spirits!.

Fran Cesarone

Responsiveness, enthusiasm, authentic speakers, welcoming ambiance. These are, in my opinion, the descriptors of our school and instructors. I have spent 33 years in public education, teaching math at the high school and university levels and as an administrator in a local high school district. I can honestly say our school administration and instructors live up to the above mentioned descriptors.

The instructors are native speakers, enthusiastic in their presentation, care for their students, and accommodate the varying levels and needs of the students in their class. Every student, in my opinion, feels welcomed with their individual needs addressed.

The school’s administration listens to its students. For example, for many years, when Intermediate 2 students wanted to take a more advanced course, he or she had two options, Advanced Conversation or Advanced Literature. Many Intermediate 2 students found themselves in limbo; i.e. they wanted to advance beyond Intermediate 2 but were not capable of taking either of the advanced courses. Students stated their desire of creating a conversation course between the Intermediate 2 course and the Advanced Conversation course. The administration listened, was responsive and created an Intermediate Conversation course. It was met with great success.

I cannot recommend La Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana enough for all ages, from youngsters to senior citizens.

Alfred J. Pucci, Ed.D.
I have been a student at Scuola di Lingua e Cultura for over two years. Over that period of time I have progressed from a beginning Italian student to a person who can feel comfortable traveling in Italy and communicating with the people. Attending Scuola di Lingua e Cultura provided me with an unexpected bonus which was meeting and interacting with fellow students from a variety of backgrounds. Maria and Stefania are university caliber teachers yet are able to relate to all educational levels of the students.
Nino Maniscalco
Class Schedule
Fall Semester 2015

September - 12,19,26
October - 3,10,17,24,31
November - 7,14,21
December - 5,12

Winter/Spring Semester 2016

January - 9,23,30
February - 6,20,27
March - 5,12,19
April - 2,9,16,23

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Saturday morning classes: From 10:00 am to 12:30 pm